Climate and Terrain

“Wine is sunlight, held together by water” – Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

What Galileo Galilei, the well known Italian scientist, philosopher and prodigy already put so beautifully many centuries ago, still holds true for today. Besides the need for a skillful winemaking expert and vineyard manager, great wine first and foremost depends on nature’s goodness and the right environmental conditions, in order to grow healthy, superior quality grapes.

At De Meye, we are fortunate to have such ideal conditions with a Mediterranean climate, plenty of sunshine, and a rainfall of ± 650mm per annum. Our 100 hectare farm is situated in the western part of the Muldersvlei region, north of Stellenbosch. The vineyards are planted on rich, fertile soil, and are facing southeast, with a cool westerly wind during the ripening period months, ensuring healthy, ripe, and balanced berries. All our wines are produced from grapes grown on the De Meye farm. They speak of modern vineyard management, and are hand picked and -sorted to ensure a top quality product. Utmost care is being taken throughout the process, from vineyard to cellar, whilst always maintaining respect for the environment and attention to detail.


At the heart of De Meye’s business mission lies sustainability. Integritiy as well as respect for the environment are of greatest importance to us. We aim to make great wine, as naturally as possible, and therefore refrain as much as possible from using any pre-emergent herbicides or insecticides, with only minimal interference in the cellar. We are a certified member of Sustainable Wine South Africa (SWSA), and fully agree with their credo that “it’s not about making wine better, it’s about making better wine.”

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