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Isabella Lavender Oil

Organic Essential Oil

De Meye was one of the first wine farms in South Africa to produce lavender essential oil.
Isabella Lavender Oil is named after Philip Myburgh’s mother, who lives on the farm. The Lavender grown at De Meye is Lavandula Intermedia, also called Provence Lavender. It is produced organically and the utmost care is taken to ensure the highest quality of natural lavender essential oil. The Isabella oil is made and sold in small quantities on the farm and is available from a few selected outlets in the Stellenbosch and Boland area.

Uses of lavender oil are the following:

  • To relax and induce sleep – a drop on your pillow at night.
  • Drop or two in a hot bath.
  • In warm water for a tired footbath.
  • Aromatherapy and massage.
  • Oil burners.
  • As an antiseptic.
  • On bee stings or insect bites to take the itch away.
  • Replenish lavender sachets and potpourri.
  • Protection from moths – add a few drops to cotton wool balls and place in cupboards or drawers.
  • A few drops in the softener compartment of washing machine.

Organic Lavender Cut Flowers

During blooming season, we also sell fresh lavender flower bunches from the farm as well as from selected retail outlets in Stellenbosch. Do look out for them!